Sometimes inspiration comes close to home. In some cases, or at least in the case of 18 year old Cameron Roby-Mais, it comes in Timberlands, dark denim
 jeans, a white t-shirt and an Arcade hoody. Perhaps in the rawest of forms, you could say. Cameron, an old family friend, now budding photographer, fits his hobby 
in between school and jams to Childish Gambino, or all-time favourite, Bob Marley. To uni or not, design or otherwise, are some of the bigger questions that loom 
over his head. Shooting with a model or an object is a decision, though still difficult, he’s less likely to procrastinate for now. Being creative comes naturally. 
He approaches photography, like most 18 year olds do a lot of things: unafraid of making mistakes. [Though if my mistakes resulted in these shots, 
I think I’d be open to them too.]

Continue reading for more of Cameron’s photography, and his answers to an interview for Currently Loving.

How’d you get into photography?

I’ve always liked to take pictures, but it wasn’t until I got a Holga 120 that I really started to get interested in taking photos. From there, I studied it
 at school. It helped that Logan Buchanan, one of my good friends, was really into the whole photography thing too. I guess I just went from there. 
I love being able to communicate a message through an image. 

What inspires your shoots? Any particular works?

I guess it depends on what I’m shooting, but usually, I just try to capture an image as it looks to me. Trash Hand is one of my 
favourite photographers, and his work is always incredible. I also really like Kahlik Allah‘s work. 

What cameras would you recommend?

I use a Canon 70D and a Pentax Sp1000. I personally prefer using Canons – they’re just what I’ve always used.

Favourite shoot location?

This changes constantly. I love shooting at abandoned, run-down locations. They give the images more character. Last time I was in Dubai, 
I drove past this really old plane wreck – it would have been an awesome place to shoot. I’d love to go back there with a model some day.

What do you love most about shooting in New Zealand? 

In New Zealand, there is so much freedom with shooting in public. Everyone is so nice, and nobody seems to have a problem with their photo 
being taken, haha.

Advise for people wanting to build up their own photography?

Just keep taking photos. I know it’s cliché but practice makes you better. It’s what helps you develop your own style. One of my 
favourite quotes is by Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” 

Any big projects planned for the future that we should look out for?

To be honest, I usually shoot without planning. I feel it gives me a fresher approach to the shot, when I’m taking it. 
I’m in L.A at the moment though. I should have some cool stuff coming out very soon.

To see more of his photography, visit
McKenzie xx

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