Willow Smith for Wonderland

These photos shot by Thomas Whiteside for Wonderland magazine, likewise to Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space‘, could not have come at a better time. 
Both are refreshing, a bit edgy and frankly, nothing like notes on genetic variation. They’re ticking all the right boxes that a source of escapism should.
 I don’t know what it is about Willow Smith. She’s something special. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s fourteen, and has these bold, gaping eyes that look close
 enough, and I feel you might just see the world in. There’s something delightfully naive about the way she smiles, and then surprisingly mature in the way she
 holds herself. A feminist in her own right, she speaks as if she’s forty and well-lived. So much so, when she tweets that “the most beautiful thing about life could very
 easily be perceived as the most unfortunate”, I can’t help but believe her as if she’s lived it. The Smith trait no doubt plays a part, reasoning another effortless cool, 
creative persona. It’s one we’d all happily inherit – who wouldn’t want to be able to dance like this? If there could be a next Rihanna, Willow, with one fierce look, 
would claim the position. What a one to watch. 
Speaking of things to watch, a lot is happening on the blog over the next month or so. It’s an exciting time of year. 
For now, good luck with exams – of course, I trust that you’re all fighting perfection.
Let’s talk soon.
(However, I’m always over here if you need me sooner),
McKenzie xx

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