A New Aim for Huffer

“Yeah, that was kind of the Aim.” – Steve Dunstan, founder of Huffer, to Tony on how different the new label is.
Right up with irony and a good pun, I’m a big fan of colour – and equally, the lack of it. There is no ‘new’ black, just like there is no ‘next’ Michael Jackson. 
As there is MJ, there just is black. It’s never irrelevant, never not a go-to in light of bold, fierce and confident moods. So walking into Huffer Basement a 
couple of weeks ago to be met with the timeless (un)colour and a pop of lime to compensate, I was pleasantly satisfied with the greatly-anticipated label, 
Aim by Huffer. Dunstan, alongside head designer, Aimee McFarlan, promised sophistication and wearability. As always, they’ve delivered. 
 And it’s just what we needed. On first glance, there is Bambi – always a fresh face, and as close to the definition of wearable sophistication as we’ll get –
 up close, there is the Luella skirt, that black biker jacket (if anything, a certified investment), the Mia top, the Lily skirt. I anticipate next: a few long days at 
work, a jump-start to an empty wallet, then maybe, finally, a satisfied wardrobe. There’s not much I don’t like about this new label. The replayed detail 
links the pieces of the collection together well. They’ve maintained that humble simplicity of Huffer like a trademark of the brand. It’s one that continues
 to see Huffer and all it does, fit so well in our fashion market. Aim has a light, summery vibe – without having every piece obtrusively and obviously
 bright. It’s a fashion editor’s creative dream. It’s also the latest thing on my wish list.
McKenzie xx

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