Day 4 of NZFW, and I’m beginning to understand the limitation that is tiredness. Much alike to navigating the kitchen, it’s something I should have learned a long time ago. Being stubborn, I chose instead to let my parents argue with the bags under my eyes for years. My 7

NZFW Day 3 // So is it all that glamorous?

Delegate passes and DSLRs aside, Fashion Week is not as glamorous as it seems. Each year, I set out with a series of expectations, and leave having satisfied few of them. Fortunately, I’ve always been more stimulated by spontaneity. If things only ever amounted to the level of our expectations,

The Four Voices of NZFW: What They Do and Don’t Say

NZFW attracts a diverse range of clientele: there are the media crew (those who represent various magazines, online websites or their own blogs), the somebodies (ranging from dated TV presenters to successful photographers), the well-acquainted (those who have attended five times on the back of their friendship with a well-established designer),


Day two officially marks the first full day of Fashion Week. It’s the very beginning of what will be (beautiful) mayhem for the next several days. Tuesday consisted of five shows, two shoots, visits to and from the media centre to edit, write and relay. There was a lunch at


Since Day One of NZFW, we’ve been learning things, and these things have not been limited to the nature of Autumn/Winter collections 2017. I’m talking how to balance your coffee between two laptops and two cameras, how to make a half hour journey fit into ten minutes, and how to


1. Free Champagne. Any event which welcomes with a glass of champagne – and follows through by offering free top-ups – is a good one. It’s not a reason to come as much as it is most definitely a reason to stay. Last night, the opening was said to finish at

Back to Blak

There are about 10 things that irritate me in this world, and 9 of them can be linked to my brother. Despite his varying talents, organisation has not been – and I imagine never will be – a strong point. We’ve been gearing for this day (the opening of NZFW

All or Nothing: What Would a Sane Person Do?

A couple of weeks back, I realised the way in which we take strength for granted. Unwell, I found myself bedridden for about a week. For all the times it has been rare in my life, I voiced an indefinite and unwavering no to all that was offered outside the


I remember the day I finally held myself accountable. It was sudden and unprecedented, like most encounters we’ll have with change. Not surprisingly, this turning point occurred in front of the mirror. I’d stopped and looked at myself, only to face a familiar discomfort with the opposing reflection. Nearing 16,

So I heard you lost yourself

I have been tired. A kind of tired that I cannot associate with a place, or a people. It stems from the watch that doesn’t work on my left arm; the wind that appears to blow so confidently this time of year. I have spent days laughing at the way

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