So you think you’re above NZFW?

  The last few days, majority of us media hounds have frequented Viaducts Events Centre for the infamous NZFW. I needn’t tell you though – it’s been everywhere. To an audience of international buyers as well as to the fashionably-swayed of the public (whether socially, stylishly or both), a range

How to attend NZFW // A First Timer’s Guide

  That I feel reasonably at home at NZFW nowadays is hardly to say I always did. In fact, being here again often reminds me of the unfortunate way I did start out. One of my friends (and once photographer) Mallory – long-time followers may recall the name – joined

NZFW // Parties, Problems & Pick-Me-Ups.

  So guys, I wrote a whole post. Actually multiple. And then, get this, Day 3 of NZFW, the day when all would be released of my own tired hands, my laptop decided to freeze mid-login. I could not so much as view my desktop, let alone, access anything residing

The Power of Opinion

  I remember sitting in my writing class several years back with a very clear aspiration. Every few days, we would head up to the library and I would loan from them magazines like Time. Its feature writers and columnists, to me, wrote with such an attractive eloquence; I sought


  I’m not sure that I know how to vacate. I am so well acquainted with this competition: it’s called how many things can I possibly do in 12 hours. And the prize is satisfaction. For me, the concept of relaxing – of (god forbid) giving up the pursuit –

7 Reasons Your Body is not a Temple

  temple ˈtɛmp(ə)l/ noun a building devoted to the worship of a god or gods.   1. Temples are constructed with certainty and permanence.   You and your body are in constant construction. Each day you consume a mouthful or take a breathe; move a step or walk a mile, your

#FijiMe: Where to Stay

If I told you to picture a vacation in Fiji, I’m quite sure I could draw the picture. I’d start with a high-end resort. Crystal blue water. A buffet breakfast. And in all its glory, the picture would be complete.   Don’t get me wrong: such minimalism is not a

From Me to You: A Letter I Never Sent.

(To accompany my words..)   As I write this, it’s 9pm. It’s a Tuesday evening and I feel alert. Just a day from now, I’ll board a plane. For what has felt like far too long, I will go further than the mere hour to Auckland. A few more, to

Done with the To-Do.

  Well, well, well. By all means, it has been a while. I’m not going to apologise for when I leave writing for yet another month, it’ll only feel redundant. I will say this: it hasn’t been a choice thing. I miss my little baby. I don’t know if you’ve

Things You Won’t Remember When You Die

I’ve been wanting to write a post for a while, and it’s called, Things You Won’t Remember When You Die. It’s not meant to sound as disastrously bleak and suicidal as it potentially does (to be fair, you could read it as a confirmation of life’s little value). Its bluntness

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